About Myself
who I am
computer science + statistics student at the university of minnesota - twin cities. scallion pancake enjoyer, digital artist, amateur walking enthusiast.
what I do
aspiring software engineer and full-stack developer
  • languages:   python, java, C++, C, OCaml
  • web:   react, node.js, svelte, figma, tailwind
  • dev tools / db:   git, postgres
  • learning: docker, typescript, rust
A resume sits at the corner of the desk.

Select Projects

a few side projects I enjoyed working on.
Personal Website
Built with Svelte, Node, and Tailwind CSS. Notes on the development process for this website.
Be held accountable when studying via an annoying goose. First place in CuseHacks 2022.
Dim Sum Dash
A parody on a well known card game. Reinforcement learning, self-learning, and suspicious win streaks.
Artwork & Commissions
commissions: closed
in my spare time, I really enjoy drawing and digital art! click below to see examples of my artwork. commissions are currently not open for an indefinite period of time.
There's a sign pointing to an art gallery.